Wednesday, April 16, 2008

'Admit It' Paradox

  • Admit to being frightened, and your courage will grow.
  • Admit to not knowing, and you will learn.
  • Admit your weaknesses, and you’ll become stronger.
  • Admit your mistakes, and you’ll begin to move past them.
  • Admit you don’t know what to say, and you’ll have said just the right thing.
  • Admit that you’re confused, and you’ll begin to understand.
  • Admit that you’re hurting, and you’ll begin to heal.
  • Admit that you care, and the things that truly matter will grow stronger.

Being honest with yourself, with others and in life, can often be difficult and intimidating. Yet honesty is always the most reliable, the most direct route to truly attain whatever you seek.

Any attempt to deceive will ultimately end up wasting your precious time. Live the truth of who you are, and it will bring out the best you can be.

A Paradox

We SURRENDER TO WIN. On the face of it, surrendering certainly does not seem like winning. But it is in Alcoholics Anonymous. Only after we have come to the end of our rope, hit a stone wall in some aspect of our lives beyond which we can go no further; only when we hit ’bottom’ in despair and surrender, can we accomplish sobriety which we could never accomplish before. We must, and we do, surrender in order to win.

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Radical Therapy: Surrender to Love and Heal Yourself in Seven Sessions (Not Seven Years)

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Prester said...

Good stuff and what I needed to hear about now. At 28 such an idea was as distant as sobriety. Then, in a flash of insight (or moment or clarity) I realized the incredible freedom that honesty brings. Then, over time, I forgot again.

It's worth relearning. No, it's essential.