Saturday, April 5, 2008

Addicts and Alcoholics Suffer Sexual Abuse

The objective of this study in Canada was to examine the effects of sexual abuse on substance use patients’ presentation and course in treatment.

Consecutive admissions to an addictions service were assessed at intake and six-month follow-up. Assessments evaluated socio-demographic and psychiatric characteristics, addiction severity, and physical and/or sexual abuse histories.

Upon entering treatment, 23% reported prior sexual abuse with or without physical abuse.

Patients with a sexual abuse history had higher rates of psychological problems, stronger family histories of substance use disorders, and more impaired family relationships.

At six months, there were no differences between patients with and without sexual abuse histories in their response to treatment, or their utilization of treatment services.

Dara A. Charney; Jorge Palacios-Boix; Kathryn J. Gill, Sexual Abuse and the Outcome of Addiction Treatment. American Journal on Addictions, Volume 16, Issue 2 March 2007 , pages 93 - 100

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