Monday, December 10, 2007

Some Gifts of Sobriety

The program of recovery from alcoholism offered by Alcoholics Anonymous offers the following gifts;

  • We’ll be amazed at and proud of changes we make
  • We’ll be freer and happier than we could imagine
  • Our mistakes won’t haunt us
  • We’ll feel calmer and more confident
  • What we’ve been through will help us help others
  • We’ll stop feeling stupid and sorry for ourselves
  • We’ll be more considerate of our friends and family members
  • We’ll lighten up
  • We won’t be so afraid of people and situations
  • We’ll stop worrying about money and how much we’ve got and haven’t got
  • We’ll be able to trust our gut instincts when times get tough
  • We’ll feel loved and cared for

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