Thursday, January 31, 2008

Straight Sex is best Sex

Have vaginal orgasm and be happy

Having a penis-vaginal orgasm rather than just clitoral stimulation or masturbation results in a better life.

Researchers studied over 1,200 women in Sweden and found that vaginal orgasm resulted in greater satisfaction with sex life, mental health, relationships with partners and friends, and life in general. Additionally these women had greater sexual desire and less recent masturbation.

Better sex life was also associated with their first sexual orgasm being from intercourse rather than masturbation.

Vaginal orgasms were not the result of partner masturbation or cunnilingus.

It seems that straight sex, penis - vagina is still the best sex. Other ways of having an orgasm, at least for women, are OK but not as satisfying.

Stuart Brody, Vaginal orgasm is associated with better psychological function. Sexual and Relationship Therapy, Volume 22, Issue 2 May 2007 , pages 173 - 191

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