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Prayer Cuts Dinking - Research Proof; Recovery Is

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Does Prayer Decrease Alcohol Consumption?

Four research studies involving 1,758 people show that prayer frequency cuts alcohol consumption.

In Study 1 of 824 people, we used a cross-sectional design and found that higher prayer frequency was related to lower alcohol consumption and problematic drinking behavior.

Study 2 of 702 people used a longitudinal design and found that more frequent prayer predicted less alcohol consumption and problematic drinking behavior at a later date, and this relationship held when controlling for baseline levels of drinking and prayer.

In Study 3 of 117 people, we used an experimental design to test for a causal relationship between prayer frequency and alcohol consumption. Participants assigned to pray every day (either an undirected prayer or a prayer for a relationship partner) for 4 weeks drank about half as much alcohol at the conclusion of the study.

Study 4 of 115 people replicated the findings of Study 3, as prayer again reduced drinking by about half.

Research; Nathaniel M. Lambert, Frank D. Fincham, Loren D. Marks and Tyler F. Stillman; Psychology of Addictive Behaviors; Volume 24, Issue 2, June 2010, Pages 209-219; Invocations and Intoxication: Does Prayer Decrease Alcohol Consumption?

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