Saturday, November 28, 2009

Help an Alcoholic 10

Learn about the disease

This is a bit like the picture at left – can you see other faces in the flowers and the disease of alcoholism?

Understand the nature of the chemical alcohol, how alcohol affects the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic in different ways, and why the alcoholic continues to drink when drinking is obviously harming them. Learn about the early-, middle-, and late-stage symptoms of the disease and how these symptoms change as the alcoholic continues to drink. Learn about the underlying physiological changes, including adaption, tolerance, physical dependence, and the withdrawal syndrome, all of which have a profound effect on the alcoholic’s behaviour. Finally, learn why the alcoholic needs to drink, why he becomes irritable, frustrated, and depressed when he is not drinking, and why his sincere promises to stop drinking are washed away like writing on sand....

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